Nigerian Songstress Chidinmaekile reveals why She dumped Kiss Daniels…. for for

Multiple award winning Nigerian songstress and “Fall in love” hit maker Chidinmaekile reveals why she dumped Kiss Daniels.

According to her she can’t marry a man that can’t fight. She added and I quote, ” I needa man that I will be able to say my husband will fuck u up with confidence “. She made this revelation on her insta story some days ago.

Well, It’s obvious Kiss Daniels was fine though but doesn’t have that enough strength/macho to fight for Her.

So she had to take away the ‘Lo’ and leave ‘ve’ on Kiss Daniels as they go on separate ways now.

Nigerian musician Kiss Daniels

We hoping Chidinmaekile finds a man who can fight and beat everyone for her.

In order news on Chidinmaekile, She’s made 40 million plus views on YouTube with her “Fall in Love” videos. Congratulations to her.

Y’all stay tune for more updates and trending news.


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