Iceberg Slim Shades back at Juliet Ibrahim and calls her “A Toxic Person”.

Iceberg Slim Breaks Out From His Ices Sends A Cold Shade To “A Toxic Person” And We Guess That Must Be Julie 🤔

Juliet ‘Our Kim’ Ibrahim in confirming her beak up with Iceberg Slim said “you do crazy things when you are in love”. Yes we agree but we will also add that you do crazy things when you are out of love. That includes describing what ever did you with your ex-lover as crazy and the ex firing back to call you a toxic person.

Fam, that just looks like the craziness level Iceberg and Juliet have gotten to. Hours after the Ghanaian Actress confirmed her break up with Iceberg, the Nigerian musician got on Instastory to leave a cold message to a toxic person who can no longer control him and therefore trying to control how others see him.

Remember when the Miss Ibrahim was speaking about her break up, she made it known that she was the one who walked away. Certainly that leaves some impression that her man was the problem and it’s not her fault. We think this is what exactly Iceberg is replying to. What do you think?


Sc: Famebugs

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