Micheal Essien’s Wife Is The Dumbest Wife Of The Year -Princess Shyngle…. BanieOnline

Princess Shyngle has reacted to reports that Michael Essien’s wife, Akosua Puni has moved out of her matrimonal home because the former chelsea footballer allegedly cheated on her with Shyngle.

Recall that in August 2018, the Gambian Ghana-based actress revealed in an interview that she dated Essien for a period of one year before finding out he was a married man.

Last Month, news surfaced that Essien’s wife, Akosua who is his manager and mother of his two children had moved out of their home because of his alleged affair with the actress and they may likely be heading for a divorce too.

Taking to her Instagram stories to react over the news, Shyngle shaded Essien’s wife as she described her the ‘Dumbest Wife Of The Year for leaving her home because her husband is still in love with his ex and can’t let her go.’

She wrote; “If you leave your husband’s house because he’s still in love with his ex and can’t let her go then you should definitely receive the dumbest wife of the year award”

What’s your take on this?


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