My Husband of 8yrs has infected me with HIV/AIDS – Woman breaks down…

A 39-year-old woman who has been happily married for the past eight years with three children has accused her husband of infecting her with HIV/AIDS after testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

According to the anonymous woman, She felt heartbroken when her husband decided to wear a condom during sex after she lured him to.

‘He used to want sex all the time, I am surprised that few weeks ago, I initiated sex and he was trying to avoid me. When he finally gave in, he used rubber’, She said.

Narrating her story to Facebook’s David Papa Bondze-Mbir, a Relationship Counsellor, she hinted that having sex all the time spices up their matrimonial home until her husband started moving away from her anytime she was horny in the name of not being in the mood for sex.

According to her, her 42-year-old husband claimed he had lost ‘appetite for sex’ for the past two months and did not understand the sudden change of behavior towards her in that short whi

The wife, trying to find solution to the problem seek opinions from friends who are married and fell in the same age bracket as her husband was told 40 plus is the new age 25 adding that, they drive their wives crazy with sex.

Feeling disappointed for being faithful to the husband, she doesn’t know how to let her husband know he’s got HIV/AIDS and she’s contracted the disease from him.


The lady met her husband at Kwame Nkrumah Circle after being robbed at 11.15pm. Hoping to meet someone she knows to narrate her ordeal to and get transportation to the house, She saw a car parked, when her ‘husband’ asked her a question.

Dressed in a tight skirt and a colorful, tight, decent blouse, the lady claims the man mistook her to be a prostitute but that didn’t deter her from meeting him.


She narrated her Circle ordeal to him, gave her money and drove her home that evening.

As the feeling got mutual, the man began picking her up to work every morning and drove her back home after work every day.

One day, the man proposed to her while driving her home, accepted his proposal and got married.



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