I Now Charge To Perform At Churches – Francis Amo.

Gospel musician, Francis Amo talks about his performances. According to the musician, the days of performing for free at churches are over. This is because he charges for every show now, whether at the church or outside the church. He made these statements while speaking to Andy Dosty on Hitz FM.

Moreover, the gospel musician stated that he misunderstands why churches expect gospel musician to perform for free. Therefore, he told the churches that the old Francis Amo is not the same as this new one, and as such, they should accept the changes.

Furthermore, Andy Dosty asked Francis if he has the same arrangement at his personal church. However, he revealed that at his church, he does not charge to perform. This is because his church takes very good care of him through monthly allowances.

Also, he added that he took this decision because, many churches today always show little or no gratitude at all to musicians and instrumentalists. Moreover, he used the example of instrumentalists getting GHS 10.00 after performing for a while. Francis made the point that it is totally wrong. Therefore, he called for a change in this narrative.

Also, Francis Amo stated that the biggest problem is that most of the churches do not help the gospel musicians to become well established. However, once the gospel musician becomes well established, these same churches will want to use them for free and as such the decision he has taken.

Source: Ghafla.com


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