I Have Not Quit Or Resigned From Multimedia – Joselyn Dumas uncloak false rumors.

Let’s keep this very brief and report that, Joselyn Dumas has NOT quit or resigned from the Accra-based media outfit, Joy FM. “She is still part of the family, plus we cannot confirm where the source of the ‘quitting’ story is coming from” , a firm member of the Multimedia Group told Ytainment News. “Since joining the Multimedia Group in March 2018, both parties have had a healthy and amazing relationship, so it comes as a surprise seeing all over the place that she has resigned.” A spokesperson (name withheld) from Joselyns’ camp told us. “For many spreading rumors, lies or whatnots to suit their personal malicious interest, my client just had a minor scheduling conflict with timing, which both parties are still on the dialogue table to resolve it. She is a very busy lady with other obligations which Multimedia Group is in the know, so it is sad to see the ill-news spread this far that she has quit or resign.” The representative added.

cc: @joselyn_dumas @joyfm @Ytainment


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