There’s going to be war between Russia and America – Ofori Amponsah Predicts

Ghanaian Highlife musician who became a man of God some time ago and whose church is currently being used as a drinking spot, Ofori Amponsah has prophesied that there is going to be a war between America and Russia in 2020.

According to Ofori Amponsah, he made this prophecy in a song he released in 2007.

“There is something going on in America. The president of the United States of America (USA) Donald Trump and it is alleged that he colluded with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia to steal the elections for Donald Trump.

If Donald Trump is being impeached, the next President of USA will be somebody who is against Putin and there will be a war. I don’t want my prophecy to come true but it is beginning to unravel.

If I am not a prophet, how will I know there would be a conflict between Russia and USA in 2020”, he revealed.



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