Meet these 16 Young Ghanaians who are building Useful Apps in the Total StartUpper of the Year Challenge.

These 16 Young Ghanaians are building Useful Apps in the ongoing Total StartUpper of the Year Challenge .


So many great applications were submitted during the five-week call for project. Now it’s time for participants to share their project on social media. The number of “likes” their project receives will boost their final score.

As part of my job as a blogger, I was on Instagram this morning searching for stories and I came across this user @bigsampsgh inviting her friends to vote for her in the ongoing Total Start Up Challenge. I click on the link to go vote for her and to my surprise, I chanced on these young men and women building Apps to help solve some of our Health, Sanitation, Marketing and Agricultural challenges we face in the country.

It might not be a surprise the Country will be producing our own Mark Zugerbug’s(Facebook), Jeff Bezos(Amazon), Kelvin&Mikeyk(Instagram) etc.. soon with these great minds and ideas of these young ones below.

Here are pictures of their projects submitted to Total in the start-upper of the Year challenge.

If you happens to find a project worth winning the challenge kindly click on this link to vote for the person.


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