Girl Dies Because Her Parents Couldn’t afford Gh350 cedis Anti Rabies Serum – Facebook User Reacts

Facebook user Wendy Ofori Boatemaa reacts to how a little girl died because her parents couldn’t afford 350cedis anti rabies serum to save her.

She took to post her sadness about this whole thing on her Facebook wall this Thursday.

She writes

“Wanted to keep my cool on the death of this lil girl because her parents couldn’t afford 350gh anti rabies serum but fuck it.😡. I work in a village, I have for 8 years now. The pictures in the post were taken when I followed the CHN’s to an out reach program. The snake in the picture could have easily bitten one of the young kids. If a child was bitten, it would take 30 mins for them to walk to the main road( check out the tricycle, that’s the main road). They would have then waited for a motorbike or aboboyaa, if non approaches, they would have walked close to 3 hours to the clinic where I work. That make its 31/2 hours post bite. Eventually when they get to the clinic, we would have referred them to the district hospital because the health policies in gh doesn’t allow a health center administer anti snake serum. All this would take like 4 hours, imagine the harm this delay would cost. What a country we live in, on top of it all, we have to negotiate prices with ambulance services before they would agree to come for a referred patient. The lil girl died because of 350gh. An avoidable death. Misplaced priorities… Ghana has failed Ghanaians. RIP lil girl.”

Photos here>>>

This is sad.


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