Meet The Youngest Ghanaian woman who Owns and Manages an Accredited International College- Caroline

26-year-old Caroline Esinam Adzogble (@cadzogble) has quite a few endeavours under her belt. The entrepreneur is the youngest African and Ghanaian woman to run and own an accredited college – Potters International College. She accomplished the feat in 2016, at the age of 24.Caroline Esinam Adzogble is also the founder of IAES Africa, an international recruitment service and the co-founder and president of Caroline University; Kwame A.A Opoku serves as the additional co-founder.

Caroline Esinam Adzogble was a business administration and computer science student when she founded and established the school as an IT Training Institution in 2012 known as AITC. At the time, she majored in courses such as database administration systems hardware and networking, software and web development.

To enable her to run the institution successfully, she decided to continue her education with an online university to help her balance her career life and not to be restricted by the bounds of attending on-campus schooling, the school’s website states.”

Credit: #PrimeNews


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