How Lydia Forson Slayed Unapologe-Thickly For Plus Size Women In 2018; Big Women Do It Better?

Lydia Forson is kicking off a movement with her unapologe-Think brand which promotes body positivity though fashion and in-scripted T Shirts. I’m not sure if there is any group of men that appreciate large women more than Africans, never the less her experiences has turned her into a plus size activist and she isn’t doing a bad job at it.

The plus size actress is crossing the Ts and dotting the i’s when it comes to serving hot looks for the larger ladies. Although there are quite a few style girls out there, there is a beautiful touch of the down-to-earth modest incentives included in Lydia Forson’s looks.

Here are a few samples of her most recent look from 2018 till now.


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