Delay reveals she’s Finding a Man in 2019……

Deloris Frimpong Manso, a.ka. Delay has hinted that one of her resolutions for the new year is “maybe finding a man”.

The TV/Radio show host and entrepreneur revealed in an interview with Joy News that finding a man was among the list of things she sought to do in 2019.

“I am looking at being a better person,a much more calm person. Work on my temper, I have such a temper, I get angry over nothing, so I’m working on that an I mean just be a great sister, a great colleague at work, a great boss and just be a great Ghanaian” , she said

She was however quick to add “and maybe find a man”.

Delay also revealed she would be adding two more lines of products to her mackerel and sardines brand.

“I’ve always wanted to add two more lines. I touch on it and stop but now I’ve finished the design I have done the registration so I’m trying to add a new line. I think the mackerel and sardines are doing well so I can move on to other things”, she added.


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