Hope Care Foundation donated to village of Hope Orphanage Home at Gomoa Fetteh…|BanieOnline.Com

Hope care Foundation made a donation to Village of Hope at Gomoa Fetteh.

The Team headed by Ann Logah has taken it upon themselves to be a blessing to the society by raising some funds among themselves and advocates to bless the less privileged ones. Some of the things being donated are Food stuffs, stationaries and toiletries to Village of Hope Orphanage Home at Gomoa Fetteh on 13th July 2019.

The team in an interview with Ghana’s Positive Blogger @bra__banie made it known that they looking forward to do more donation soon. They added that it’s their aim to bring smiles and hope to the disadvantaged, vulnerable and excluded in our society . The main objective of the Foundation is to provide support through material donations, financial assistance, awareness campaigns and economic empowerment to beneficiaries, they added.

The Mission of the group is to provide exceptional services that support children and adult with disability to participate in all aspect of the society and also help provide sustainable development and assistance that meets the despairing needs of the vulnerable communities in Ghana and across the world.

They are therefore making an appeal to the General public that if they can also support in terms of money, books and food stuffs in their next donation. Donors can click on this website link to donates http://hopecarefoundation.org or call +233 55 720 4981

and discuss how you would want to help.

Below is the artwork of the Exercise Books they want to do for these less privileged ones in the rural communities.

They are seriously in need of sponsors on board so If you can help or know of any company or individual who can help call this number +233 55 720 4981 now.

The Best way to live for yourself is to live for others, Ann Logah stated.

These are their social media handles


IG. gh.hopecarefoundation


Visit their website for more information http://hopecarefoundation.org.


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